March 17, 2006, 12:10 pm
Filed under: Life

This blog is like a diary to me..so I can write anything want here….

Im not in the mood to do anything right now..I have plenty of assignments need to be completed but with my condition right now, I dont think I could even touch the books. It’s fucking annoying to me. What Im feeling right now is just so fucking irritating and I hate it. Why do I need to feel all this? Why am I being so kisah about other ppl’s life? I have my own life to run. Oh maybe I know why…because the “other ppl” is my life. They just cant see it rite?..They just dont. Sometimes I feel like Im a piece of trash that can be found easily by the roadside. Well….Im absolutely sure that Im not a trash (DUH!) but they can make me feel like one! Imagine!…I really need some time off from all the problems that Im going through right now. And Im fucking needing someone that I can lean on…yes I do. Sounds weak huh? But Im being honest here. I need someone to love..someone who can love me. Im kind of desperate but Im not that desperate. Ya know..there are certain phases in your life where u wish there is someone for u to express your emotions, to hug, etc. I guess Im in that situation at the moment. I really do.

Arghh!!! Why? Why? Why do I need to go through this whole thing? I need an angel who can save me! Pleaseee….save me!…Im drowning and dying….I cant stand the pain, I cant stand the anger, I cant stand ..EVERYTHING!!! Gosh!!!!…

me out.!


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