March 17, 2006, 6:46 am
Filed under: Life

Well…dah lama dah tak post anything here..rasa rindu plak.anyway ..sekarang college tgh cuti so I have no idea what to do. Ive done my homework (Im sick of opening accounts) but Malaysian Studies punya assignment belum start lagi. I dont know which topic yg I want to do. So lame laaaa….haish…I need to go to the National Library to find some information on those topic. The dateline is fo freaking near, and I have not started anything..good..Im screwed!..whatever!..I need to go to the mall to buy some clothes!!! I need to treat myself…but sadly I have to use my own money! I repeat my money!!!..arghhh…stupid government..because of you, i have to do that!..yala…minyak naik, itu naik, ini naik…sooo pathetic!..btw, for your info, Im currently studying Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) a fastrack program under ACCA….lebih kurang macam Diploma in Accounting dekat Baitulmal Professional Institute (IPB). Why I chose that course? I HAVE NO IDEA!!!..well my dad asked me to take accounting..soo okayla…now I kinda like..tak la boring sgt the course..lecturers pun okay..kawan pun okay cuma the admin je yg tak best..mentang2lah aku ni freshman..macam2 suruh buat…boring seh!….now why I chose that college?..I know I can do it somewhere else like INTI college or kat lain2 tempat…but this college offers FULL SCHOLARSHIP!! i repeat, FULL!! thats why!…hehehehe…..penat la type..tapi hilang gak boring aku….wel..continue later la bila dah ada idea nak tulis …bye


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