Soar throat,again!
March 17, 2006, 6:47 am
Filed under: Life

Arghhhhh……’s killing me!!!!!!!!!…..I can’t stand the pain….feverla, soar stroat la..whats happenin!! gonna start my classes soon, why now!!!!..I havent study anything…now i couldn’t even look at the text book peningla!…what am i supposed to do??..what should i do? weekends ada test…malaysian studies dgn islamic studies plak not worried sgt la pasal malaysin studies…bab satu until 3 only..which exactly like history masa kat sekolah dulu..but islamic studies!!!….sux to the max!!…its not that i hate a muslim..i like subject agama a lot masa kat sekolah dulu, but this time, islamic studies kat coll i cant really dapat satu pun apa yg buku text tu tulis…its sooo lame…not intresting at all!!..its like readding..old english literature book…even worst than that..its like totally in diff language!! what should i do now?..I cant really study now in this condition..well whateverla..forget about it..i have plenty of time i guess next week soo im gonna concentrate on those subjects later…but for now..i hope after jumpa doctor later my soar throt yg teruk akan hilang…forever!!!..i don wanna kena soar troat anymore..cannot sleep..cannot speak…argh….stupid!!!….


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