Thanx Dad!
March 17, 2006, 6:44 am
Filed under: Life

At last..after a few months of waiting..I got a brand new phone..and I’m happy because I do not have to suffer anymore. Wanna know why? old phone was like a nightmare to me..with wierd sounds and soon-going-to-die battery..thank god!..but my new phone is not that expensive la…no camera..but can play mp3 ringtones…okayla tu..lagipun my dad bought it for me ( the best part is, I don’t need to use my savings..yay) ….that’s why he didn’t buy me the expensive ones…what do u expect?..he’s not mr. trump!..haha..just kidding . The phone is kinda like a gift for my spm results..though i didn’t get 10 a1s..or 17 a1s(that girl is crazy..:P)..but I managed to do it la (fyi..I got 5 as..the rest..pandai-pandai cari sendiri)…..since my dad didn’t want me to get a job…so I thought I have to wait for like another year to get a new phone..but suddenly my dad said he’s going to buy me one…how wonderful…thanx’re the best!!…p/s: I didn’t get to say goodbye to my 2 yo phone…bye bye phone..I’m going to miss ya..thanks for everything 🙂


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