YES or NO?
March 17, 2006, 12:06 pm
Filed under: Life

I feel like writing something for my blog but I don’t know what to say. My brain is not working that well lately. I have no mood to do any of my work or assignments. I feel like going out but I dont know where to go. Dammit…I have no idea what to say la…..Im just blank! Maybe because too many things going through my mind now. Should I be sad? or should I just pretend that nothing is going on. Everyting is just okay, normal! But how can I not think about it? I dont know what’s the final decision would be. Hey, wait, why exactly I have to think about this? Im nobody, infact , I have no rights to think about this matter. But somehow the thing seems important to me. Why? Why? Is it because Ive developed my feelings or what? Maybe its true. I do care about it. Its going to affect me somehow. Expect the unexpected. Thats what Im goin to do. But what is the unexpected thing to expect? Which ONE? That would be the main question now. Nvm..I’ll wait. Thats the only thing I could do now. Wait for the answer..with patience…

p/s: YES or NO? I’ll be waiting for the answer…


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