March 27, 2006, 11:49 am
Filed under: Life
Well, nothing much to say about my life now. Today was like not a good day. I had this bengkak thing below my left eye. It was horrible. Erm..not that big- lah but it was so gatal and I had to like put some compact powder to cover it up. I dont know why suddenly this bengkak thing datang. So stupid. Then I kena this terrible headache where you can actually feel your head is like so berat. Sigh, I have no idea what is wrong with me now. Yesterday I decided to like taake a break form my myspace account. I just have to do it. I wanted to close it down but after pikir-pikir balik, it’s such a stupid thing for me to do after all the hard work. So, I deleted half of my page content , changed my display pic [I made it using photoshop], deleted my background pic and few other stuffs. I’m so tired of myspace. It has been the source of my sadness all this while. I swear to god! But I cant blame on it entirely-lah kan. My fault too. Anyway, I’m not really in the mood to talk about myspace. I really need some space on my own to think about what I have done, and I have become….

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Be strong….sometimes the best way to get rid of yr emptiness is by filling up yr emptiness with something else …
in one of yr post…u said u closed all yr doors until only one room is left unlock ….. now is the time to unlock all yr rooms and let others who can help u in …..

Comment by A moment in my life

mmm, i baca ‘terbalik’ posting2 u nih.. so, ada sikit konpius??.. apa2 pon again, sabarlah byk2 dik..

Comment by bicaraskrip

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