The Isolation of Me
October 8, 2006, 2:35 pm
Filed under: Life
I started the day by attending my auditing class. It was fun. All of us were supposed to answer a question given by Ms. Hana ( my audit lect) – coolest lect!. Turned out to be just another session of borak-ing with each other, sharing stories. We found out that ms. has a boyfriend working as a teacher. Wow! I felt weird at first coz she actually confessed dia ada bf to her own students. Well, usually, lecturers does not share their personal life’s thingie. That’s why I called her the coolest lecturer because she layan us like her own friends and she understands us very much. We actually managed to finish up the question (well obviously I was the first one to write the answers on the board). I love auditing class because it is different than the other classes. I do not feel any pressure at all though it is actually, one of the most difficult subject in my course. I know I have to cope with time, to read it all over again (coz I dont actually remember the things that I have read before) , to revise, but the thought of having such a relaxing class, calms me down.
After audit, was my taxation class. Ms Mimi is kinda cool also. She can be serious at times, but most of the time, she jokes around, but today was a disaster. A good one though. Usually, I will be the loudest one in class, and that somehow will give her the chance to kacau me. Haha. So, my friends were asking me few questions, so I had to try to answer those questions. I talked, talked, talked,and asked my other friend to get the answer for that particular question. At that very moment, Ms Mimi called my name and asked me to move from my usual place, to the other side of the class- but, nobody’s sitting there. It’s empty. I have been isolated!!. If you think that was bad, imagine when she said no one is allowed to talk to me, or to layan me, if they do so, she will give a zero for their exam. Wargh! Sounds mean eh? It was though, but I kinda enjoyed it. She said I’m an attention seeker. Well, I’m not saying that I am one, but looking at the environment of the class, the situation, the feeling, I have to be active because the others are just so damn pasive. It’s boring to have a kind of class like that. So I decided to spice up the class a lil bit. Make it a lil more happening. Okay, back to me being isolated. Nobody talked to me except her. I was okay with that, knowing it wasn’t actually a serious thing. So I sat alone in the corner, and did some sketching. Sketching? Yeah. Love to sketch. What? Secret! Haha. I have been inspired by a tv reality show from the states. It’s a great program. After 10-20 mins, Ms Mimi decided to let us go earlier than 12.30, but we must answer her questions (as usual, pop quiz-lah) first. I was the few last ones to answer because I didn’t get to answer it correctly during the first attempt. I went home for my friday prayers (really??). Well, I think I stop here, the rest of the day was pretty boring (attended one stupid talk where I wasted my whole 2 freaking hours listening to one boring counselor-but there were some games I participated and that was the only fun I had).



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