Jim Thompson:My Thai
October 9, 2006, 4:15 pm
Filed under: Life
Yesterday..erm..what was the date? Oh yeah, 8th October . Me and friends buka puasa-ing at this one gorgeous restaurant in Starhill Gallery. The food was absolutely fantastic. I love the ambiance, the services…well..basically I love everything about it. We ordered few dishes (didn’t get to take the pics ‘coz the lighting was not really suitable for my 1.23 mp phone. Yeah, I guess I should get a digicam one day. That will be the day where I will be taking lotsa pics and share it with you guys here. Me do love taking pics, but what to do, I got no digicam (damn it!). Back to my story about foooooddd!! I personally ordered the mango salad. I really love the taste. Along with that I ordered a tom yam soup (but in the menu they don’t simply just put it as “tom yam soup” but they put it in a very weird thai name…if I’m not mistaken it was “Tom Yum Gai” – means spicy and sour clear soup with chicken breast and herbs) There! I actually ingat the name. Then, we ordered other dishes : Black Pepper Seabass, Omlette with Crabmeat, and one huge lobster-look-alike prawn. It was nice.The sauce was so tasty. The waiter said the prawn is called Tamarind Prawn-a river prawn. Whatever-lah kan. I don’t care, as long as it tasted good and I kenyang eating those dishes. As for the dessert, I ordered a fresh fruit platter and my drink was normal orange juice. Wanna know something? They gave us this complimentary drink- sirap bandung with lotus seed (kot...). I thought It was just a normal tak sedap drink but it turned out to be that particular drink is better than the orange juice that I oredered earlier. Had to asked the waitress to tambah balik in other words to refill my glass because it was so sedap. Hahaha!Anyway, thats about it lah. Hope to go there again. Besides buka puasa-ing I did some raya shopping. Bought a pair of jeans , a shirt and few socks. Well, I have nothing else to buy actually but I think I still wanna get at least one more shirt. I dunno why I’m so into shirt lately. Visit this website to learn more about Jim Thompson(I guess the founder of the restaurant) and the restaurant itself “My Thai”.(Click at the image)

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