It’s Amazing How Time Flies…
November 2, 2006, 2:16 pm
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“It’s amazing how fast time flies”. Got that from a friend’s blog. Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. I can’t believe how far I have gone. It’s gonna be a year soon and my birthday is coming, 25 more days to be exact. I’m gonna be 19. I’m getting older, older than before. I’m not scared of it, because, that is life. You’ll be getting older, and mature , to learn about life, the challenges, the people and to face the future. My course is ending soon, in a month time. I’ll be free, for 3 months, at least. I have yet to construct an actual plan for my break but most probably, I’ll be looking for a job. To support myself, to learn how to stand on my own, to experience the real world, to face new challenges, to learn new things, and to ern my own money, of course. To be honest, I don’t know whether I can actually do all that. I have never in my life, done, a real job. Working office hours, or shifts or anything got to do with that, but if I don’t make a move, and try, how am I supposed to gain knowledge and the most important thing, to acquire experience? I have to do that. I know I can. I have to trust myself, to have faith because nobody else will. I want to explore the world. The reality. I wanna go out there, and mark my territory!..Okay, that sounds over the top. Anyway, where was I?..Oo. The working thingie. Yeah. I’m gonna get a job. Then, I’m gonna earn some money, spend it, keep it, save it, and I wish I could further my study. I do want to. If I can, I want to fulfill my dreams. To study abroad. To feel what is like to live alone, far from home, far from heaven. I heard from friends, saying, at first you will be so excited knowing that you’ll be studying overseas, you will still be for the first few months, and it will slowly be turned into hell later on. Heck. I know I will be suffering. Missing home, friends, etc. But that what makes man, a man. You live , you learn , you suffer, you fall down, you rise again, all by yourself. That’s what I believe in, so far. What will I be? I always wonder. Am I gonna be an extraordinary successful person? or just an ordinary people living in an ordinary world? Am I gonna be remembered for what I have done, contributed or just gonna be forgotten like anyone else? I’m not sure which I want to be. But, I know what kind of life I want to have and to lead. I want a simple life. Simple, but diff and extraordinary. Should I say it that way? I want to be happy, that’s for sure. I wanna die peacefully, that’s my wish. I hope god has good plans for me. I really do. I don’t know where will I be next year. What’s gonna happen to me. Who’s gonna be my new friends. Who’s gonna leave my existing circle of friends. I’ll be waiting, I’ll be wondering. And I will be putting some more effort,will try my very best to make sure , next year, will be a better year for me. Can I say goodbye to 2006 earlier than everyone else? Hrmm….I guess not, because the best day, and also can be the worst day of the year haven’t left its mark in my heart, this year. I guess I should wait for the day to come. I wanna see whether it will bring happiness, or it’s gonna be as normal as any other days. I hope not. Insya’ Allah. Ameen.

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Firstly, I thought that I’m the first person to comment this blog… but sadly I’m not.. sigh…

I enjoyed reading your blog (I mean your writing). Memang masing2 hidup dengan dugaan dan cabaran yang berbeza. Satu masalah besar bagi Ad, mungkin langsung tak memberi kesan pada orang lain. Begitu jugak dengan masalah orang lain, mungkin langsung tak memberi bekas kepada Ad. Orang tak rasa apa yg kita rasa, dan kita pn tak rasa apa yg orang lain rasa. Apa pun, jangan putus asa mencari orang yang serasi dengan diri Ad. Bagi peluang kepada orang lain untuk mengenali Ad, dan yang paling penting, bagi peluang kepada diri sendiri untuk mengenali erti persahabatan, cinta dan kehidupan.

Semoga berjaya dalm apa jua bidang yang diceburi. Salah satu kata2 yg bnyk jadi perangsang kpd sy (yg ni bukan amik dr one piece tau):

in the journey of life, it will take you a long time before you become the person that you want to be. at times, you must have to keep going long after you can’t. never despair, for it is the tenacity that refines you…


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