Zero Four Eleven..Hrmm
November 4, 2006, 6:36 pm
Filed under: Life
So many things to do , but so little time I have. I don’t know whether I should put it that way, seriously . I have an exam to be taken next week. It’s gonna be a big exam, because it’s my internals, the questions are being prepared my my college (the lecturers), and it’s my final exam for this semester. I supposed to be a very important exam, but it’s not as important as my externals which will be held in December. I have been spending a lot of my time, not studying or concentrating on my studies. Honestly, I have so many chapters to be covered in a small period of time. I haven’t done any revisions at all, especially for my audit paper. I don’t know what is actually happening to me. I just don’t have any semangat. I would rather spending my time lepaking, than staying at home, studying and do revisions. God, now only I realised that I have been actually wasting my time, and ironically, I am not that kind of person, to be honest, and I hate it. I hate wasting my time doing nothing. When I go out, I’ll make sure that I will do something that is, beneficial. Well, not all the time, because sometimes, I do like just boraking with my friends, sitting in a cafe, window shopping and etc. I will get bored of that eventually, because when it’s becoming too long and meleret , I will start cursing myself for wasting the time that I have. I do enjoy spending time and long conversations with friends yang I jarang-jarang jumpa. I am a kind of person who loves to have a good , meaningful conversation. Whether it’s about life, relationships, problems, or fun things, I don’t mind, as long as it is good, and I’ll gain some new knowledge and experience. I don’t like to crap. That is just not me. But it depends on my mood. When my gila-gila button has been turned on, I can crap and make jokes, but I will know when to stop. What I am trying to here is that, I don’t like to just sit and do nothing but somehow, that is what I have been doing lately. I should stop that. I know I have to. Sigh. I really need to study. God, help me!!!
Anyway, today was a good and a bad day for me. I’m not gonna talk about the good thing, but I can say, I had a good night, I was feeling very comfortable and I enjoyed it very much. The bad thing happened was, earlier on today. Sigh. I don’t think I really want to write it here, because I believe in, “let bygones be bygones”. Haha. Can I? For sure I can. It’s my blog and I can do anything I want. *Wink*

p/s: 23 days to go…:)


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mcm kenal je opening tu…
nape ada iklan birthday ni?

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