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November 6, 2006, 3:59 am
Filed under: Life
Just woke up. Feeling so restless and hopeless. Knowing that I have to study for my papers tomorrow is just so..tiring. What’s going on with my brain? Tomorrow’s gonna be quite a big day with 2 big papers. PCPM (Planning, Control, and Perfomance Management – a costing paper) and also Preaparing Taxation Computation. Those are killer papers. Infact, everything is. I don’t know which one I’m gonna start first, but I like taxation better than costing. Maybe because it’s more interesting, and less annoying. Yeah, costing annoys me, but ironically, I got the highest for costing paper last semester’s external exam. Weird huh? Pure luck I guess, I didn’t expect it, but I know I will get good marks, because I felt good after answering the questions, but I certainly didn’t expect to get the highest. Anyway, back to present day. I have to plan today’s schedule. I didn’t tell my parents than I’m gonna sit for my final exams tomorrow, just because I don’t want them to somehow, put restrictions on my freedom. When I think about it again , I have to tell my mom, at least, because I can’t be staying at home for the entire day today. I told her I have class. Hehe. But I’m feeling lazy to go out just to make it seems like I’m going out for classes. So, maybe I’m gonna tell her that I don’t have class today, because all the lecturers are busy with UiTM’s exam papers and they asked all the CAT students to study on their own for the upcoming exams. Can I do that? I’m not lying. I’m just not going to tell the whole truth. *wink* So, first thing I’m gonna do after this is to hit the shower. Get something to fill up my fuel tank after that. Then, study. Taxation first. Then costing. Hrmm..okay. Better get going now. Time flies!! Time is money, not gold anymore. Money, money, money!

p/s: 15 + x = 36, so x = ? more days to go…. 😀


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good luck exm
jgn mkn megi kari je…

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