Am NOT Late
November 7, 2006, 9:57 am
Filed under: Life
Phew. Got back home around 4.30 pm just now. I sat for 2 papers today. Well, if you have read my previous post about me being late, luckilly I was not. I reached coll around 5 minutes before the exam starts. I was not ready for it , seriously. I just did what I can do. For PCPM, there were 4 questions, I had to answer all of them, but I only managed to answer the calculation parts. I didn’t answer the theories because I have no idea what to write. Like I said, i wasn’t ready for that paper. I didn’t read much. I just browsed through the exercises which I have done, and that was it. I didn’t even bother to open up the text book. I was not in the mood to study everything. Whatever! I ahd lunch with Laila and Yeen. I ordered plain rice with ayam masak merah (haven’t eat it for like more than a month), Yeen ordered fried beehoon and Laila had Kuey Teow Hailam. Basically, we had good time , eating while revising our taxation book. The next paper was , taxation of course. I started answering the questions at 2.15 pm and I finished it off aprroximately, 1 hour 45 minutes later. It was supposed to be a 3 hour paper, but I have no idea how can I conclude the paper that fast. So I decided to head back home early. On my way home, a friend of mine, Afkhar called me and we talked for a while. I like talking to him anyway. It was a short conversation though. Anyway, today, the traffic was good. It was kind of smooth and I reached home earlier than I thought. Afkhar called me again, and we talked for a while more. The line was bad, so I called him back. Aiyo, now I’m hungry la pulak. I want to talk to Saiful first and see how he’s doing. I don’t know what I’m gonna do later. My friend asked me to go to Sg. Wang and lepak with him, prolly I won’t cause it’s raining now, and I want to start learning how to save my money. Haha. Gotta go now. Will write later. Tata

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