Bang : We Can’t Prevent What We Can’t Predict
November 7, 2006, 3:54 pm
Filed under: Life

Bang! I just watched the latest episode of my favourite tv series, Desperate Housewives. Why do I want to write about it of all sudden? I have my reason. That was by far, the best episode ever! It was THE moment of Desperate Housewives. Maybe I’m a bit exaggerating, but I presonally think that was the best one. I have never felt so touched by any of its episodes. I cried. Seriously. I just did. It’s hard for me to cry over a story, unless it’s damn good and touches my heart. So basically, what I am trying to say here is, Desperate Housewives is definately a good show. I have been following the series since the debut, and i enjoyed watching it. I love all the actors, the characters, the storyline and of course the twists and turns. Marc Cherry is a great writer. He knows how to make a story a little more interesting and different. The last few episodes of the new season of Desperate Housewives were a bit , plain, but the latest one was the bomb. I just love it. I really do (You prolly know how I love it by now). I always wonder, how can they possibly, kill an annoying character, in a very , very touching way, until we sympathize the person, and do not want him or her to die? How can they do that? I mean, we have already hated the character, but suddenly, we do not want them to be killed. It’s ironic, and the worst part is, they managed to make me rain. Haha, if you know what I mean. I can’t wait for the next episode. I won’t be expecting much, but I hope it will be good too. It can’t be good always, nanti terover pulak. I prolly should stop writing now. Now only I realised that I have been writing more than a post lately. Is it good or bad? Nah.Don’t care. It’s my blog, my territory, and nobody can kacau me. Chow! Nitey!
p/s: The story ended with a bang. “We can’t prevent what we can’t predict” – Mary Alice Young.

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