Good Night & Good Luck
November 8, 2006, 3:16 pm
Filed under: Life
My first post, and prolly the last for today. Am concentrating for my audit paper tomorrow morning. Yea rite, concentrate lah sangat! Anyway, nothing much to say about me today. Didn’t come out with anything good, wasn’t really a productive day. I watched again the Housewives episode, and guess what? I cried for the second time. This time , it was more intense. I can really feel the emotions. I have no idea why , and how, I could cry. I was actually feeling sad, deep down inside, but I am not sure what is the real reason behind it. At this very moment, I’m pretty sure, I am not 100% okay with my life. I feel empty. Emptiness that bothers me. I have everything, yet I still feel something is not right. I am missing something, but I don’t know what is the thing that I am missing right now. I could not let myself get distrated by this kind of feeling. I have plenty of other things to think about. I don’t wanna think of any problems at the moment.

“Enjoy the beautiful day. We get so few of them”- Mary Alice Young

That’s exactly what I’m gonna do. Good night and good luck =) Chow~

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ok paper hr ni?

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