A Day With Baju Melayu, Without Air Cond
November 12, 2006, 2:57 pm
Filed under: Life
A boring weekend for me. Nothing much to talk or write about. Spent my time chatting with friends, sharing stuffs and merepeking. Haha. I enjoyed it anyway. 3 more weeks left before my external exam. Frankly speaking, am not prepared. I guess I have to talk less and act more for these coming few weeks. Anyway, Nabil is gonna come back on the 15th. Miss him very much. We have been talking through MSN only.

Yesterday I went to Miss Mimi’s open house at Bukit Antarabangsa. Man, I love that area. Her place is quite okay. Kinda cozy and nyaman. Well, when she was inviting me and my 2 other friends for her open house, she told me to wear baju melayu along with sampin. Well I did, with open heart, but the best part is, I was the ONLY one who was wearing baju melayu yesterday. Wargh! The other guys were wearing casuals only. Damn! That was not the only “best” thing that happened yesterday. My car air-cond got problem. Can you believe that? Hot baju melayu, no air-cond. Perfect! Just perfect! Luckilly, my body was in a good mood to control the sweat,so I didn’t sweat like crazy. Thank god. After having my meal, Laila arrived with her baju kurung with lots of beading. She was beautiful, as always. Woops! Haha. Well, it is definately not wrong for me to appreciate god’s creation, right? Ngeh3. We had some kuih raya. I enjoyed spending my time with her and I love the food except for the fried bee hoon. Kinda yucky. Both of us agreed to leave the place at 5, and we did. Laila went back to her bother’s place somewhere in Bukit Antarabangasa also, while I headed back home. It was a nice day. =)


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