I Laughed, I Cried, I Smiled
December 6, 2006, 4:40 am
Filed under: Life
Yesterday, was my first day of exam. The night before, was the last night for me to study the paper that I sat yesterday and I was accompanied by someone, but not physically. I woke up the next morning feeling all nervous since I was not ready to do the paper. I drove all the way to the exam centre. I waited for the time. I got into the exam hall. I looked for my exam desk. I smiled. I filled up the form. I waited. I took out all my stationaries. I talked to my friends beside me. I wished them, good luck. I wished myself too. I recite some doa quietly. The papers were spread out. I waited till they told me to start. “Okay, it’s 3 o’ clock, you have 3 hours to finish the paper, and you may start now.” I opened the booklet. I was right about being unprepared for the exam.
The questions?
The difficulties?
But why?
Lack of preparation.
Elaborate please?
I didn’t pay much attention to the subject.
I’m not into it.

I answered the first question. I tried not to waste any time. So I read carefully, each and every line to know the point of the question. I got the point, but I don’t know the meaning. I answered, but not with full confidence. It may be right, it may be wrong. It will be THE question. It indicates, whether or not, I will pass the paper. If my answer for the question is mostly correct, the chances of me passing, is there. If it’s wrong, I will have to make sure, I allocate a certain amout of money next year, to be one of the future, “repeaters”. Hopefully, I will not have to face that. I didn’t answer the 2nd question because I can’t.
The 3rd question?
Almost a disaster.
Was it hard?
What about the 4th?
I answered pathetically.
Was it hard?
I didn’t remember about the topic.
Pass or fail?
God knows.

It was 6. “Time’s up. Put down all the pens, we will collect you papers, don’t forget to write your registration number and desk number on the question paper“. I was wondering why. Like we will get our question papers back. So not. ” You may leave the hall now. Thank you.” No, thank YOU. I just smiled at the end of the session. I didn’t say anything about the paper to any of my friends. Well, I didn’t voice out my opinion. I heard my friends talking. Whining. Some were smiling. Maybe it was okay for them. Some were making faces. Well, we are in the same league, people. I straightaway went to my car. Drove like a mad man.
Afraid I might be late.
A movie.
My friend, Achap.
What movie?
Was it good?
That’s all?
Fantastic. Great. Astonishing. Fabulous. Awesome. Stunning. Phenomenal. Spectacular…and a tear jerker.
Not now.
I will break down.
Because of?
Love. Cinta.

I laughed. I cried. I smiled.
Soon, I will give my comments. Till next time. Chow

p/s: those are not mine


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i wonder,why u call ur blog:20 7 11?

Comment by benny

benny: hi benny. Why? its my bday. 27-11. twenty seven eleven. That’s how u pronounce it. rite? thanx for visiting my blog. aprreciate it. πŸ™‚

Comment by Adi Luqman

yeah!i have read some of ur blog,it was interesting,i think i’ll vist here regularly ^_^

Comment by benny


baper kali ko nangis tgk ‘cinta’?

Comment by bicaraskrip

bicaraskrip: hello..huhu..ade la dlm 2 kali kot…touching ler…

anyway..thanx for dropping by πŸ™‚

Comment by Adi Luqman

happy belated birthday and best of luck in your exams. hah, reminds me of my students days!huhuh.

Comment by jimi

jimi: thank you very much πŸ™‚ thanx for visiting my blog. πŸ™‚

Comment by Adi Luqman

makin meriah blog ad nih. nnti antar la cite cinta. bleh tgk gak nnti

Comment by lah

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