December 7th
December 7, 2006, 4:43 pm
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Yesterday, something was not right with my video ipod. The night before, I listened to the songs while charging the ipod. So I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning, err…I shall say it as, afternoon, because I woke up around 12 o’ clock. I took off the charger from the ipod, but suddenly it hanged. You know, the screen was like, frozen. It didn’t respond to anything. I tried connecting it again to the charger. Nothing happened. I tried connecting it using USB cable to the computer. Same thing. I panicked! What should I do? I serched for help on the net. I found it. I tried. Nothing! It didn’t respond to anything at all. It was like, dead. I was so terribly sad. It’s video ipod for god sake. It’s my..friend. Sorta. I don’t want anything bad to happen. I treasure it. I may be over reacting now (I was anyway), but who wont, right? So, I thought prolly I have to send it for service. Maybe something is not right with the battery or whatsoever. I asked my friend, where should I send it over. He said Low Yatt Plaza. He also said the battery would cost, RM150. Wow. That’s expensive. I could buy two Esprit t-shirts with that amount of money. Well, there is a promotion going on there. One t-shirt for RM69.90, two for RM120. Cheap eh? I don’t really care about the price, what I like is the cutting, pattern and whether it fits me well or not. I’m a kind of person who loves to wear, I should say, small shirts.

I’m a small person
My height?
162 or 164 cm (not sure).
Last time I checked, 45 kg.
You are, Small
I know. I don’t like baggy t-shirts.
Love em.
Smart. Expecially stripes.
Wear it?
I do.

Wait. I have changed the topic. I shall get back on track. So after that, I browsed the net to look for apple service centre. Damn! I can’t find anywhere near my place. Not even in KLCC. What the Fish! There is one somewhere near KLCC. Megan Avenue whatsoever you call it. I know the place, but I’m not familliar with it. Sigh! I sensed trouble in paradise. Haha. I decided to just wait for today. As for today, my plan was to go to Low Yatt Plaza to get my beloved ipod fixed, and buy a pair of computer headphone. Not for me, but for somebody. But today’s planned has been changed, last night. After feeling so bad about my ipod, I checked its condition once again. Just to make sure, I really need to send it for service. To my surprise, the ipod was responding. It showed some battery picture. Meaning, I have to charge it. Yay! So, I pluged the cable in. Woosh! It’s working!!!!! I don’t need to service it. I don’t need to change the battery. I don’t need to pay RM150. I can shop!!, I won’t.I can’t. Huhu. So I woke up this morning..err…afternoon (again) with a different plan. I called my friend to ask him about today’s plan. He said he wanted to go to a salon to get his hair straghtened. So, we fixed the time and agreed to meet at my place and use my car.

Bukit Bintang
Was the road okay?
Maharalela-Hang Tuah.
Pissed off?
I was tired.
I was having chest pain.
Chest Pain?
Yeah. Something was not right. My heart palpitated. Badly.
I don’t know. I felt so tired. So tired to breathe. 😦

After we parked our car at Times Square, we headed straight to The Hair Connection Academy at Sungei Wang Plaza. Unfortunately, my friend can’t get his hair straightened there because it was kind of late for the academy people to give their service, but I decided to wash my hair. So my friend left me there and he went to find other salons that can give him the service that he wanted. I stayed there and got my hair, wash, treated and blowed. My hair is kinda long now, so I need to do something and take care of it. I don’t want it to look like a super mess. Why super? Because it is kind of a mess now. Haha. Anyway, my friend finally got a place so he sms-ed me to tell me about it. I said I will be there after I have completed my, erm, mission. Both of us, completed our mission at around 6.30 pm. We headed back to Times Square. I still need to get the headphone. After that, pusing balik , and went to Starhill. We had dinner plan with another friend. He treated us . We had dinner at Shook. I ordered, sirloin steak. It was okay. I think the appetizer was better. I can’t remember the name . It was something like, Snow Prawn. Whatever! But it was really nice. We had some conversations. After dinner, we decided to just get back home. We did. Such a tiring day. And I’m tired right now. I shall call it day. Hopefully, there won’t be anything wrong with me. I don’t wanna get sick. Goodnite. Chow!


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hmm..what a poor guy!Honestly speakying,u r so cute!

Comment by benny

i-pod dah wokey! rambot dah wash! t-shirt dah beli!.. suma dah ada.. so, jom aahhh tgk ‘cicak-man’ weekend nih!!.. katanya cgi canggih???.. huhu!!

Comment by bicaraskrip

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