No Kerja
January 29, 2007, 12:18 am
Filed under: Life

Good morning. I’m in the office right now. Doing nothing. Onlining of course. Illegally. I am being surrounded by few nut case people. They are not a in a good mental condition especially the one with hair trouble. Keep on whining that her hair sux (I couldn’t agree more! haha). Now she’s telling me that she wants to shop at Topshop after looking at my Topman’s shirt. She touched it and said, it’s berbiji-biji. It is berbiji-biji. She said it’s nice. Whatever! I don’t know what am I merepeking right now. Waiting for the trainer in this training room. Everyones walking around, talking, laughing, merepeking also and yada yada yada. My other friend, is currently teaching my other friends. He doesn’t know about one if the topics we have covered last week. Somy friend is trying to teach him. Struggling to teach, I would say. What else to talk about? I have no idea. Gtg.byebye!


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hayoo! kes2 pompuan meroyan! kau balas jer dgn ‘senyuman’ manja dik!

..wah! gaji buta!

Comment by bicaraskrip

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