Que Sera Sera
March 13, 2007, 11:46 am
Filed under: Life
Life takes funny turns at times. And has it’s own way of changing minds. It’s acceptable if it’s not done in purpose. We can’t stop it from taking those funny turns. What if, the turns taken, were made on purpose? We have the options to avoid the turns, but we did it in the end. We took the funny turn that would lead our life to something we do not want it to be. Good or bad, it’s a different story. What matters now is that, those funny turns can give various impacts and certainly will change someone else’s life. It is true, right? And now I wonder, will life ever stop from taking funny turns? I guess not.

..Que Sera, Sera , Whatever Will Be, Will Be..


Should I hold on to that? 🙂


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salaam adik,

..adakala kita rancang jadi bersimpang.. kiri atau kanan.. jangan sekali undur belakang.. teruskan saja.. pasti di hujung nanti kamu tiba.. jumpa atau tiada.. itulah putaran kehidupan!

Comment by ajami

hidup ni susah nak jangka…
makin kita pikir makin pening..
just follow the path..that it!!

Comment by truanta

yap..true as ajami said..never turn back…..kita mesti terus menuju ke depan….and forwad and forward and forward…hehehehe …. 🙂

Comment by joey

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