This Is My Home
April 28, 2007, 4:04 pm
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I have deleted my third Myspace account since 2005. Hopefully, that one will the last one. For the time being, I don’t wanna open up any new account. This is my home now. I can say anything I want right here. Nobody can stop me. I can express my feelings without restrictions.2007 has been a bad year for me. I just hope there won’t be a continuation of unfortunate and heartbreaking events. I’ve had enough. I am tired of being sad, devastated, frustrated over things. I wanna be happy.

I cut my hair recently. Back to my old style. I guess I’m really comfortable this way. Though it might not look that good, I think it’s better than my previous long straightened hair.

I’m gonna quit my job soon. I really need to get out of that place. I’m not feeling good doing that job without passion and sincerity. I need a break. A good break. I need to take my mind of certain things. Things which has affected me miserably. I know it will be so hard for me to do it. I need to learn how to get up and walk again.

To you my Friend, I know you told me it would be up to me right now to decide. To decide whether you’re worth being my friend or not. I just hope whatever you’ve said earlier via sms is true. Deep in my heart, I know I can’t be mad at you forever. I’m not that kind of person. But I want you to know once again that, I’m hurt. Deeply hurt. If I have the power to disappear, I would.

I guess I have said enough for today.

p/s: Awk, I’m sorry for putting you in a terrible situation. I am in one right now.It’s not my intention to push you away. Neither do I want to make you feel guilty over things. So, please pray for me. Hopefully, I’ll be better soon.


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hi adi..

i’ve been reading ur post for quite sometime.. but lately.. i ‘kureng’ suka with ur post..


u said.. ur emotions rite now is unstable.. u also said.. year 2007 has been a bad year for u..


u are still lucky.. unlike me.. i’m facing lots of problems.. perhaps i can say LOADS of them.. lepas satu.. satu lagi datang..

but i always say.. Allah sayangkan aku.. memang Allah sedang uji aku.. Allah nak bagi kita ingat dia.. sebab manusia memang akan ingat Allah bila dia dalam kesusahan..

be strong my dear.. be strong.. selawat.. isghtifar banyak2.. don’t pull urself down.. n don’t get drown with ur emotions..


i know n i do realize.. i’m not the best person to tell u all this.. but just wanna tell u know the stuff came across my mind when i read ur postings..

last but not least.. my Allah give u His blessings.. my Allah grant u the strength to step up n move on my dear.. move on šŸ™‚ insyaAllah..

Comment by zaidah zainal

Salaam adikku ad,

Sabar yer.. nnti bebila free kita gi tgk wayang citer spider-man 3! mau?..

p/s: pls tukau balik link to bicaraskrip coz ajamihashim pun dah kena virus ‘sakit ati’ mcm u gak.. huhu!

Comment by ajami

mmm, dah tukau wordpress erk?.. it’s kewl bro!.. be strong dear šŸ™‚

take care

Comment by ajami

nice blog! seems like we are in tbe same boat!

Comment by snottyada

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