Cinta Pertama
May 14, 2007, 12:38 pm
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I got the chance to watch the Cinta Pertama, an Indonesian movie, last Tuesday. I know it has been almost a week. It’s not that I don’t want to review the movie but I’m not quite a critic you see. Anyway, I would like to thank Ajami for inviting me to the movie premier at TGV KLCC. I went out earlier than day with a friend of mine. Then after that I went straight to KLCC. I had a light dinner at Chakri Palace with Ajami and his wife. The dinner was organized by Tayangan Unggul, the distributor of the movie in Malaysia. Then we headed to TGV for the screening.

The movie was good. I kinda like it. There were so many memorable quotes that I didn’t get to jot it down because the hall was dark. The movie is about love. First love story. The reason why I like the movie is probably because I’ve had that kind of experience before. I’ve been through it. So I can actually imagine hoe does it feel to be in Alia’s shoes (Alia is the main character in the movie). She’s in love with a boy named Sunny, her schoolmate back then during high school. He was her first love. She can’t get him out of her mind. You know, it’s so normal for someone who’s in love to feel that sorta thing right? The boy is also in love with her. But the thing is, both of them did not confess to each other till their last day of school. Sunny wanted to move from Jakarta. He wants to have a new life with new environment. That frustrates Alia. She doesn’t want him to go. But there is nothing that she can do to stop him from going because everybody will start their own new life after high school. Alia wanted to tell Sunny that she loves him. But of course, to make the story nicer and sadder, she didn’t tell him because there will always be some kind of feelings would stop her from saying it. So they both went their own separate ways after that. How sad right? If you think that’s sad, wait until you seen the whole movie. What I have just told you is just a part of it. So, if you are like a hopeless romantic type of person, like me, go and watch the movie. It’s sad. But I didn’t cry. I almost cried. Unlike Cinta, I watched it twice and I cried during both sessions. How pathetic.

So, I have learned a lot from this movie actually. About love though. When you are in love with someone, there will be moment for you to confess your love for that person, and you can never let that moment go, because if you do, you will never get the chance to say it for the rest of your life. The moment will pass you by if you didn’t utilize it and you can never have it again. Been there, done that, regretting it. Sigh. One more thing, what I have learned and actually have knew it before I watch the movie is that, if you really love somebody, try to make that person yours, but if it’s not meant to be, there’s nothing else you can do other than letting him or her go. As for me, I just want the one that I love to be happy, and if I have to let that person go so that person would be happy, I will.


“Aku merasa ada yang hilang
Tanpa tahu apa yang sudah kutemukan…
Aku merasa menemukan
Tanpa tahu apa yang aku cari…
Dan aku seperti masih mencari
Tanpa tahu apa yang sudah hilang…”


There is one more quote that I really like from the movie. It’s something to do with mimpi. But I can’t remember it. Hopefully I will get it soon.


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nangess erk?.. btw, add blk ajamihashim.. bicaraskrippun active gak 🙂

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